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Starting any new building project can be an overwhelming endeavor. From our very first involvement, we strive to make the process as straight forward and enjoyable as possible. An Architect’s role is to design a space that achieves and exceeds the client’s initial goals. We take your ideas and uncover the unseen potential, factor in specific program requirements and requests, and then take you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow. No project is one size fits all. Every approach, process, challenge and solution is unique. The end result is custom designed spaces and places specifically tailored to enhance the experiences and environments you utilize and enjoy.
Far beyond the creation of functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces, the services an Architect can provide encompass much more than most realize. From development of program needs and addressment of site zoning, code and accessibility issues to incorporation of elements of sustainability, materials selection and more, an Architect guides with an imperative in-depth understanding of all aspects of the design and construction process and provides the strongest framework possible from which your project will be built upon.
Architects can wear many hats throughout the duration of a project. We are advisors guiding you through early stages of your planning whether considering a potential new site or how a building or available resources could be re-purposed. We are coordinators, organizing the timely and cohesive activities of all disciplines and services required as part of your project. We are consensus builders among many shareholders and concerned parties when a project needs funding, increased support or publicity provided through top-notch community outreach services. We are administrators overseeing the construction effort, ensuring quality and cost control measures are in place and that your project is built according to the design documents we have diligently worked to achieve together. Regardless of where you are or what services you require, our experts are ready to guide you through each stage of the design and building process.

Design Solutions that Exceed Expectation!




Warrenstreet has a deep commitment to managing projects that exude design excellence, embrace full A/E facility integration and keep the Owner’s best interests always at the forefront. An optimum design solution is one in which architecture compliments and functionally accommodates all other process components of a project. Our design professionals work closely with our clients and the team as a whole to best understand the unique operational, budget and schedule requirements of every project we manage ensuring realistic quality based solutions that meet and exceed present and long-term needs.

    • Conceptual Design
    • Conceptual Site Plans
    • Preliminary Building Plans
    • Virtual Designing Methodologies
    • Future Facility and Design Concepts



Every successful building, structure and complex is the result of attention to detail and proper planning. The Planning and Land Development services Warrenstreet provides examines all opportunities and constraints of your project through various processes, guidelines and input from multiple parties. Our approach to planning is extensive, detailed and client focused allowing for maximum flexibility and optimal design innovation. Our Staff and affiliated engineering partners possess decades of urban and municipal planning research and development services that aid in the discovery specific focused solutions that help streamline the design and construction process. The varied skill sets of our professionals allow us to examine all aspects of the natural vs. manmade environment including program, use, square footage, density, landscape themes, site layout, utilities, traffic and pedestrian use, zoning and permitting strategies, market analysis, and construction costs all within the context of the existing and historic surroundings.

    • Site Analysis and Selection
    • Visioning
    • Needs Assessments
    • Interior Space Planning
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Building Programs
    • Diagramming / Space Analysis
    • Cost Analysis Vs. Benefits
    • Land-Use and Zoning Process Assistance
    • Master Planning& Urban Design
    • Representation at Publicly Held Hearings
    • Computer Renderings and 3D Visualization



Passionate about the planning and preservation of our landscapes, Warrenstreet is proud to be one of few firm’s that offer the convenience of having dual licensed architecture and landscape architecture staff housed in one convenient office location. As an integral part of our multi-disciplinary approach to land development and urban design, our skilled team possesses the unique imagination and experience imperative to integration of the natural and built environment. The ground upon which a project is built should proudly reflect the same presence as the structure itself. When properly designed, a building should unite with its surroundings, provide balance, improve quality of life and strengthen communities. Through creative and realistic designs grounded in responsible and sustainable concepts, landscape architecture is the very core of all built environments encompassing, embracing and creating a true sense of place and belonging.

    • Commercial and Retail Development
    • Conceptual Planning
    • Design Development
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Greenways
    • Industrial Development
    • Institutional and Cultural Development
    • Master Planning
    • Parks and Recreational Development
    • Planting Plans
    • Site Analysis
    • Stormwater Management
    • Streetscapes
    • Sustainable Design
    • Urban Design



Our architectural group provides a wide client base with programming, planning, budgeting, design, and construction administration services for a broad range of building project types throughout New England. Working collaboratively with our many engineering and industry partners, our firm has the experience to solve a wide range of design challenges in industries ranging from corporate, municipal, and healthcare projects to large scale housing, community and educational facilities. Our award-winning architectural staff offers our clients a collaborative design approach resulting in innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable design solutions with exceptionally personal service and exemplary execution. We bring to the table a streamlined process of recognizing issues and making informed and timely decisions that quickly pull a project together and keep it on track. We maintain a personal, design-focused practice that stresses the importance of a collaborative process and involving all parties in the discovery and decision-making steps necessary to yield the most cost effective, aesthetic, and useful results, be it a building, a space or setting.
Our architectural design services cover all phases of the design process, including:

    • Planning Services
    • Design Phase Services
    • Construction Documentation
    • Bidding & Negotiation Phase Services
    • Construction Services
    • Site Analysis / Test Fits
    • Building Assessments
    • Maintenance Plans
    • Concept Design
    • Schematic Design
    • Design Development
    • Construction Documents
    • Bidding / Negotiation
    • Cost Estimating
    • Construction Administration
    • Project Close-out
    • New Construction
    • Expansion & Renovation
    • Historic Restoration
    • Interior Reconfiguration & Updates



With a solid reputation for tackling small and large, complex and straightforward design and engineering challenges, early planning has been the key to ensuring the success of many of our projects. Our approach to needs assessments and studies apply a collaborative process whereby learning and assessment go hand in hand. Gaining the most knowledge about a user’s background, current experience and environmental requirements help us to develop the most comprehensive understanding of a current baseline, realistic alternatives and strategic plan for improvement alternatives.

    • Feasibility Studies
    • Programming
    • Logistical Site & Process Master Planning



Achievement of healthy, functional and aesthetically pleasing environments is at the core of our programming and space planning services. From small tenant improvements to the planning for specific units and floors or entire buildings, we work directly with owners, clients and tenants to best identify their spatial shortcomings and then address them with creative schematic design concepts and schemes. Our services examine numerous design criteria elements best understood utilizing a comprehensive information gathering process. We go to great lengths to identify and prioritize owner and user goals, values and objectives while simultaneously addressing building and energy codes, ADA compliance, circulation and workflow components, security and privacy, fixed equipment, system interfaces and other current and future space need considerations.

    • Comprehensive Space Needs Analysis
    • Data Analysis, Report Preparation and Presentation
    • Expert Programming Services
    • Preliminary & Final Budget & Schedule Preparation
    • Final Space Planning



Our Interiors group is an integral part of the design process. From conceptual planning to fit-ups, our staff will assist you in developing high quality design concepts that enhance appearance, improve efficiency, and promote functionality. Successful design is one that not only satisfies need, but transforms the way we utilize a space. We strive to understand our client’s operational needs to create better built spaces that promote goals and objectives. As an added benefit to our Interior design services our team is capable of developing plans and layouts for Furniture Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E). A significant component of most commercial and institutional building projects, FF&E services cover coordination and installation of a wide variety of products ranging from fixed and loose furniture, artwork, kitchen equipment, software, lighting, carpets, window coverings, signage and more.

    • Materials Selection for Finishes, Furniture, and Equipment
    • Bidding / Negotiation for Interiors
    • Installation Coordination
    • Post-Occupancy Evaluation
    • Signage Design



From evaluation and selection of contractor bids and services to observatory progress of construction for conformance with our drawings and specifications, Warrenstreet can provide full construction administration services that guarantee your project is built to the exact specifications we have worked together to achieve. As a representative of the Owner’s goals and best interests, we assure the quality and intent of the designed drawings, resolve issues and respond to inquiries in the field, review and expedite requests for payment between the Contractor and Client and overall direct all work to ensure a successful design outcome throughout the duration of the construction period.

Our Construction Administration Services Include:

    • Bid Evaluation
    • RFI Response
    • Submittals Review / Approval
    • Construction Observation
    • Final Punchlist / Project Closeout Assistance



Adaptive reuse is a special form of refurbishment that often presents difficult challenges for some designers. Reinventing a space and changing the functional classification and purpose of a building or space introduces new challenges that often deter development despite obvious economic, environmental and social benefits. Combining old and new architecture and landscapes requires a design sensitivity that addresses needs of the future while maintaining sensitivity to the culture and character of the past. Our professionals apply the practice of preservation to develop practical, lasting and innovative solutions that honor history, reuse resources and renew our communities.



Graphic design and print media is an integral part of the building story. Our staff can assist you with the development of signage themes, from the naming of a community, from directional wayfinding of a campus to interior room signage. We can help you update brochure materials and provide that “up-to-date” feel of your whole presentation package.

    • Interior / Exterior Illustrated Renderings
    • Computer Generated Renderings / Models
    • Physical Models
    • 3D Printed Models
    • Brochures
    • Presentation Boards
    • Graphic Design Services



Buildings have a tremendous impact on the environment and on the overall user experience. From construction materials to system operations, Warrenstreet believes in environmentally responsible solutions and incorporates sustainable design practices into all projects as part of our integrated design offerings. A member of the U.S. Green Building Council we have several LEED-certified professionals on staff and take immense pride in promoting healthy buildings for happier occupants and a greener environment. We steadily invest in ourselves through education and training of sustainable design principles and utilize design and building techniques that conserve natural resources and the re-use of materials, increase indoor air quality, reduce waste, lower energy consumption and operational costs. Many of our past and ongoing projects have been or are currently pursuing LEED certification as we continue in our mission to enhance the consumer experience, better our communities with better built projects and protect and preserve our future planet.



    • Focus Groups / Input Sessions
    • Local Government Presentations
    • Community Surveys
    • Charrette Sessions



    • Pre-Bond Planning
    • Analysis of Options for Campaigns / Fundraising
    • Grant Procurement Support
    • Private Fundraising Support