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Warrenstreet Architects Inc. is a top New Hampshire firm dedicated to providing innovative and sustainable architecture, progressive planning and socially responsible business practices throughout New England. Celebrating our 27th year in the design and construction industry, Warrenstreetspecializes in a diverse range of project types and services including architecture, planning, landscape architecture, sustainable design, interior design and construction administration for all market types covering Government/Municipal, K-12/Higher Education, Industrial, Multi-Family Residential, Mixed-Use, Healthcare and Commercial/Corporate entities.
From new construction and renovations to historic rehabilitations, redevelopment and re-use projects, Warrenstreet provides the professional guidance imperative to making sound decisions for creative and purposeful projects that stand the test of time. Continually evolving as a practice, we maintain a strong and stable client base and remaincommitted to architectural excellence achieved through thoughtful planning and the most respectful collaborations possible.
Our firm is comprised of licensed Architects, Landscape Architect, Architectural Designers, Interior Designer, LEED Accredited individuals,administrative and marketing support personnel.  Our office culture is one centered around the importance of family, giving back, having fun and always being in pursuit of personal goals and happiness.We are a kind, capable and charismatic group that will work extremely hard to prove that our people can and will make a positive difference in your next project.

Our History

Warrenstreet Architects began in 1990 as Sherman Greiner Halle Ltd.   Founded by three professionals with a common goal of better shaping the built environment, by 2000 the firm had grown to a staff of 10.In 2004, to better represent the growth and diversity of our staffas a whole, our name changed to Warrenstreet Architects, Inc. and in 2008, so did our business structure.  Becoming one of the first Employee-Owned Design Service Cooperatives in the Country, our firm is grounded in traditional values and innovation solutions.  Our unique structure of ownership is just another testament to our socially responsible business practices and our commitment to ourselves and our clients to achieve great success together.

A Little More About Our Business Structure

A cooperative is best defined as“persons united voluntarily to meet common economic, social, cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled business”.  Staff who meet the appropriate criteria and choose to become a member of our cooperative not only perform in their respective roles but also help govern our business through a“one member, one vote” principle.  As equitable shareholders in the business, each member is a true partner to the challenges and successes of owning a personal service firm and shares the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others.   An ever-growing trend in today’s business structure models, cooperatives like ours embrace the underlying culture and commitment of seeing each other and our firm succeed and iswhy our clients and their projects receive more value.